The Haftarah (English: conclusion) is excerpts taken from the writings of the Prophets and are read in the synagogue each Sabbath and on other special occasions following the reading of the Torah (books of Moses). There are Haftarah portions associated with each Torah portion, so that the same passages are read each year.

Certain occasions often require special Haftarah readings that replace the normally scheduled ones.

The Haftarah is a small sample of the section of the Hebrew Bible referred to as Nevi-im (English: Prophets). Nevi-im is comprised of the following books:

English Hebrew
Joshua Yehoshua
Judges Shoftim
1 & 2 Samuel Shmuel
1 & 2 Kings Melechim
Isaiah Yeshayahu
Jeremiah Yirmeyahu
Ezekiel Yechezkel
Hosea Hoshea
Joel Yoel
Amos Amos
Obadiah Ovadyah
Jonah Yonah
Micah Michah
Nahum Nachum
Habakkuk Havakuk
Zephaniah Tzephaniah
Haggai Chaggai
Zechariah Zecharyah
Malachi Malachi

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